Because of my interest on “Google Earth” technology, I have become a “Google Earth” fanatic, and any space-related event will trigger me to try to create an application for the event on Google Earth.

As a marathon runner, I have a lot of running friends that go abroad to participate marathon (or ultra- marathon) events around the world. Although I may not be able to join the event with them, I always like to make marathon application on Google Earth to share with them. Under current pace, I hope to create around 100 applications to share with everyone in a couple years.

In my early age, I used to be a pretty good mountain climber in Taiwan. As I become older, I can’t climb the mountain any more. However, I can create mountain applications on Google Earth to continue enjoying those wonderful memories in the mountains.

In addition to the interests I have highlighted above, I also like tourism. With Google Earth, I can create tour applications to travel around the world to “virtually” visit those places that I am not able to visit in person.

Since 2005 , starting to use Google Earth, my efforts result in over 100 applications.The majorities of these efforts and applications are original creations; However, it’s a pity that cannot share them with non-Chinese-speakers due to language barrier.In order to share my efforts and experiences with non-Chinese-speakers, I decide to build this blog with English version .

In this blog, I will choose the essential part of my efforts from which I’d accumulated for 2 more years. At present, I am going to upload some yourtube file (or photos) and KML Collection for downloading. In the future, I will add introduction in English version.

enjoy it!

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