Taipei Metro Muzha Line in Google Earth

Wan-Fang is a small community situated Five miles South of Taipei where I lived in a tweleve floors of apartment located at the highest point. By looking out from my window, I can easily spot Mu-Zha Line Station. If I get on to the top floor, I can view the whole scale of Wan-Fang community and Taipei Mu-Zha Zoo.Since I worked on Google Earth two years ago, I started to add streets, bicycle and hiking routes, community activities, discover Shin-Long mountain, 3-D view of buildings, etc on the web. To me, it is a breakthrough to finish the 4-D view of Maokong Gondola and then Maokong Itinerant Bus in one month (6/11/07-7/16/07). Nevertheless, I finished the 4-D view of Mu-Zha metro transit line follow two more weeks effort (7/26/2007). I was overwhelmed when it’s done and was pleased with the accomplishment. I gave myself a big applause.

Most of the Metro Transit line were underground, therefore, I picked the Mu-Zha line, from Taipei Zoo to Chung-Shen Junior High. It has 12 stops, total length of 6.5 miles above ground. I choose the south section of Mu-Zha line which connect to Maokong Gondola. There’s a lot of details involved during the model simulation in order to make it work on Google Earth. Meanwhile, I was thinking about writing a program to let viewer to have the capability to design and create your own route. Let’s wait and see.So, If you are ready to take the tour with me, please download the Mu-Zha transit line KMZ file. It has 3-D buildings in the background which will make the scene more interesting. A navigation route was add as well. Once it’s ready, you can navigate from Taipei 101 building toward north to the end of Mu-Zha line. If you wish the transit car to move, check the 4D and set the time frame to the fastest speed, then click play.

Further, I try to do three transportation routes conformity in timeline due to length on each route and between cable cart varies in distance. Therefore, I established the time range not to be dissimilar. Meanwhile, when simulation runs at the same time, both hardware and timeline will joggle the priority which can cause part of the time that cable car can not be seen or vanished. Therefore, it’s very time consuming to take time to put all three elements together and to reestablish it over again.

Now, Please be my guest. Enjoy the journey with me.

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