4d MRT + Gondola + Bus

I have made 3 4D-KML Collections, including 20070703 Maokung Gondola, 20070716 Maokung Itinerant bus, and 20070727 Muzha line MRT. I found there are two concerns: first, if you run three files at the same time, your system will be suffered from a heavy loading. Second, each file has its own timer, resulting in an uncoordinated performance. I keep this in my mind although 8 months passed by. Eventually I take some time and make it up in the recent days.

In this project, I try to optimize the file size by means of removing unnecessary marks and 3D vehicles. The goal is to make most computer easily run the file with lower memory space. More importantly, I like to concert their 4D timers. Therefore, I have to refine original php files and find out the maximum and minimum value. Then, I unify a starting point and figure out the minimum common multiple. Finally, I modify the detail one by one to make a unified finishing point.

Google Earth updates much more imagery to Taiwan last October and December, which makes a different position between new imagery and my collections. Will I make it up now? No way! Unless I make a new one! Anyway I will not make it until the MRT engineering go further to NeHu.

Although this is a slim-down file, to run it smoothly, you might not suggested to run it on too poor computer. It requires at least 1 gigabyte memory. You are welcome to download this KML Collection Google Earth File and enjoy the flight on Maokung area.

And, to make you enjoy a smooth trip, I make some Flyover placemarks in this file. The way I make it is to set 20 points in the process of flight and hide them, so you can just find one placemark under Flyover folder. To optimize your flight, you can set the “Tour pause time” 0, under “Tools > Options >touring” and un-tick “show baloon when tour is paused” then play the Flyover placemarks. Have a nice trip!

[GEB reports] Taipei 3D Models for Google Earth

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