Utheatre walk around Taiwan in 50 days

Utheatre has established for 20 years. They are going to celebrate their anniversary by taking around Taiwan on foot in 50 days. They took off on 23, March, and plan to complete the trip on 11, May. It goes through 100 towns and about 1200 km. Utheatre takes walk in daytime and play drum in the evening. 30 shows will be presented until 11th, May, the last show in National CKS cultural center. Except the path and show spots in the KML, I also made a dynamic cloud-foot by means of landmarking and time lag.

I also provide 6 pictures, which show up by time lag.

Last but not the least, I saved 50-days schedule in database. You can double click the current position networklink and Google Earth will take you fly to the path according to the date, and you can also see the day’s itinerary.

You are welcome to download this KML Collection Google Earth File and follow the footsteps of Utheatre.

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