Run Chicago Marathon in Browser Version

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I have an another blog which introduces how to run marathon in GE.
I was used to use GE. Since the new Google Earth browser plugin was released , I try to run it on the new interface.

Chicago Marathon is the first test. I made many placemarks by each Kilometer or turning point. In this application you can move forward manually or automatically.

Turn on the 3D Buildings layer, It’s great to run marathon between the vitural buildings in Chicago. However, streaming failed to keep pace with the speed of running a marathon. If you use automatical mode, please turn off the 3D layer.

By the way, here are some infomation about Chicago Marathon:

Chicago Marathon Website
Records: 2:17:18 – Paula Radcliffe, 2002
2:05:42 – Khalid Khannouchi, 1999

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