Taiwan High Speed Rail in Google Earth

In the year 2006, high speed rail was introduced in Taiwan, connecting from the northern city Taipei to the southern station Zhouying. There is a total of eight stations, ranging about 350km. The fastest train can arrive within 90 minutes. This route has changed the way Taiwanese travel long distance, and the original flight courses have almost been terminated entirely.

I’ve always wanted to use Google Earth to present Taiwan High Speed Rail, but the mere presentation of the route seems too dull. In September, I read a GEB article “McCain Geo-Biography in Google Earth“. In the works, there is an icon on every site for survey. Users can double click to move on to the next site. I have kept reference of this technique and applied to the presentation of Taiwan High Speed Rail.

The route is ranged 350km. It requires over 2400 models to display the 305-meter train with twelve carriages in 4D animation round trip. No computer is able to work it out, so even though I’ve wanted to do it, there have been technical difficulties. When I am waiting for the train in Tainan one day, suddenly a train passes the station nonstop with a speed 300km/hour. I can’t even see it clearly. I have been inspired that I don’t even have to make a precise model.(In other words, the original file will take up too much memory, this model will be smaller to compress the storage.) I can just magnify the model 5 times, so that I only have to make about 460 models to achieve the 4D animation effect. The video document below is recorded while I am chasing high speed rail on GE. You can also download this kmz file hereGoogle Earth File, and watch it on GE on your own.

<This post was translated to English by Christine Cheng>

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