BackmanTony’s 176th backward challenge

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Early 21st of Feburary morning,

There are 240 elite runners standing in front of starting-line of 100 kilometers ultra-marathon challenge race at city Kaohsiung Taiwan .

The race start at five o’clock in the morning, It’s still dark and cold, all the runners has to run from Kaohsiung city cultural center to Shi-Chung-Hsi hot spring resort hotel in Pintung, Within 14 hours is the qualify time for each runner,

The race close at 19:00 sharp.

Mr. Hsueh Ching-KuangBackmantony is the only retro-runner in this race, He spend 13 hours, 20 mimutes, and 43 seconds to run 100 kilometers during the race.

Finnally, There are 200 runner finished the race, and Tony was place at No.145.

Actually, He is the only person to challenge the 100 kilometers in this world

And He is training for his next 1000 kilometers RETRO RUN challenge around the

Formorsa Island already,

Soon we will look and see what happen in Taiwan ,

What happen retro-running challenge field about Backmantony

Let us just wait and see what happen in Taiwan

BackmanTony writes the history with retro-running. For expressing to his esteem, I used my most familiar Google Earth to record this courses, if the above video can not meet your need, I prepare another video(800 x 640) from my webserver. Or you can download this KMZ Collection Google Earth File , enter the Google Earth 5.0 to watch voluntarily.

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