Kenting Google Earth Flyover

The original clip is one of HD movies Taiwan Aerial Imaging (TAI), dealing the shot like a film with 15 scenes. I took little time to find the location on Google Earth. I utilities 3D SpaceNavigation to operate the shot and record AVI files. Finally, I composed them in Movie Maker, which is included in my Windows XP.

The most delightful part of making this clip is that the background is ready, and the time of each shot is fixed. All I have to do is to put every shot in. Unfortunately, the graph in Google Earth is very rough. I could only find the lighthouse and Mt. Dajian models, leaving The sailing rock and the frog rock unshaped. In regarding to the original 28-second shot, “The part of surfing at Nanwan”, I only made a boring beach with Google Earth in the first. Actually, Augmented Reality (AR) can deal with dynamic images smoothly. However, I know nothing about AR. Therefore, I borrowed the original clips as an alternative.

From the time Google Earth 5.0 announced with “Tour” function, there are many wonderful works come out, such as “CRC Google Earth Tour“, “A narrated Google Earth tour of Afghanistan” by CBC News, “Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield Tour“, etc. I also contributed “Backman Tony’s 176th backward challenge“. To make these pieces, you need to not only familiar with coding in KML, but also have a sense of screenwriter, counting every scene and making them in time. In this work, “Taiwan Aerial Imaging – Kenting Flyover” gives me an idea: its scenario is ready and all I have to do is to transfer it to Google Earth Tour. Please don’t forget to open the YouTube above and enjoy the music.

By means of YouTube API and Google Earth API, Keir Clarke, the author of Google Maps Mania, has preformed a consistent work of Youtube and Google Earth Plug-In.

I tried to apply my KML and YouTube according to his html. Unfortunatelly, some topics and landmark descriptions cannot be displayed by this program. Please give tolerance and click the picture to open the co-flight of YouTube and Google Earth.

<press above image to enter Synchronized Youtube web page>

<This post was translated to English by Shawn Chiu>

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