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As my former work “PhotoOverlay Slideshow”, I also demonstrate this work by “street view”. This August, Google announced Taipei City street view. However, so far, there is no Google Earth API for street view. If I cut them one by one manually, I will need 50 sets for 500 meter way. I’d rather use my previous work “NTU Campus Azalea Festival Google Earth Street View Tour” Google Earth KML, also named “Home-made Street View” by GEB administrator Frank Taylor.

I set Royal Palm Boulevard as the guide trail, form the main entrance to the library, displaying with 5 second interval. You can press “Play” to start the tour. During the trip, you can press “Pause” whenever you like and click any pano on the path in the azaleas. Then have a free view around. Click on “Play” to go back to where you left. And you can pull the blue speed slider to control the play speed.

You can also drag the view to look around. The following scenes will go with this view, which means you can fix your view by different point of view (right, front, left and back), instead of modifying every scene.

<This post was translated to English by Shawn Chiu>

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