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Miramar is a leading shopping centre located in northern Taipei City. It is particularly noted for its very popular Ferris Wheel (48 cabins), which is just like the London Eye. Three years ago, barnabu’s successful work on the new Ferris Wheel inspired me to concentrate on a similar project. This allowed me to focus on the KML language and, one month later, to produce a 4D miramar Ferris Wheel. Since then, I have had a fair amount of confidence to use Google Earth, including the 4D MaoKong Cable Car and the Muzha-route Metro in Taipei.

The GE4.2 version has the newly added PhotoOverlay function which allowed me to try some new applications, including the super observatory function created by myself. Since then, I have been wondering whether I can put a high-powered telescope with 360-degree panorama super-observatory capabilities into the cable car, to simulate the visitors’ view from inside the cabin.

The ‘Tour’ function of GE5.0 also allows me to record much more for the sightseer in terms of Space Navigation. The result is reminiscent of the movement of a cable car, which is similar to a bird’s eye view though it does not come with a 360 degree panorama.

Two weeks ago, I discovered that Google had provided the function ‘Entering a photo Overlay’ in Google Earth API. This gave me the idea of producing a ‘Google Eearth PhotoOverlay Slideshow’ using Web language to automatically transfer from one panoramic scene to the next. If I can produce such panoramic scenes, which simulate the movement of the Big Wheel, and play it automatically, won’t that be a good attempt at making my original dream come true? Well, let me try it in the near future.

Unfortunately, I just like a wall-passer to see the computerised cable car to become fractured image. Obviously the current ‘GE’ function is still unable to satisfy my demands, but the ‘Slideshow’ I created, as described above, can still simulate the Wheel’s movement and provides a good view of the beautiful panoramic scene.

With regard to this project, my ultimate aim is to integrate the three functions referred to above. Firstly, it will be possible to press the ‘Icon’ button (second right at the top), to begin the Wheel’s rotation. Whilst you listen to the song ‘Taipei’s sky’, press the ‘Play’ button and the movement will be similar to that of the turning Wheel. Now, if you so choose, you can pull the slider to control the speed of the movement, and select the two high-rise towers, Taipei 101 and the Shin Kong Life Tower, as an optional background to the computerised scene. By so doing, you can panoramically view the rotating Wheel, or alternatively, press the ‘Pause’ button and leave ‘PhotoOverlay’ mode to observe Taipei from a bird’s eye view.

<This post was translated to English by Michael Weng>

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