The 4D Tahina Expedition

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The founder of Google Earth BlogFrank Taylor was scheduled to start his round- the-world tour for global sailing tour on 13/Nov/2009 with the location in the Caribbean at the moment. It deeply inspire me by looking at his project of ‘The Tahina Expedition‘ website which for this worldwide tour’s purpose. It indeed touches my heart to see his dream coming true step-by-step.

For the past four years, his founded ‘Google Earth Blog’ was still simulating my similar project in a later time and I always enjoy reading and understanding his each article for advanced application of Google Earth. Gradually, my capability for the application of Google Earth is having improved as well. Several of my creative work, Frank Taylor will be introduced as well, which indeed give me great encouragement. His kindly introduction and opinion provided is very much appreciated.

In order to express my gratitude, I decided to make a Google Earth works to him, These material in this works are taken from “The Tahina Expedition” website, including:
1. Global tour planning routes
2.Tahina 3D Models by Gerardo Paz and Frank Taylor
3.Tahina real-time position
4.Tweeted position
5.Song by Styx – “Come Sail Away”.

For the first and second items, I can use my best “4D” skills, to make a 4d sailing boat along with the globe route. For the third and fourth data, it could be made real-time dynamic linkage and understand the real-time status of the future five-year of Tahina. I made another with my recent original approach, along the planning route laid by 29 super-high-altitude observation deck (I call the GE satellite), and it can be used to automatically (or manually) play slider-show controller, from a bird eye’s to overlook the fast-sailing in Tahina , (The GE timeline slider slowest time is 30 seconds interval, in order to finish the 70,000 kilometers of planning routes, it indeed need very, very fast sailing, only from the high sky that can clearly see), The fifth is one of Frank Taylor favorite songs, I also borrowed this as a soundtrack.

I make two flying tours, tour1 is a quick lap around the Earth along the planned route, firstly it fly to North Carolina that is the starting point of Tahina Sailing , you will see a 4000-times amplification, called Tahina yacht. The operation of tour2 that you can firstly press the ‘play’ bottom in timeline controller. Howervr, you’d better initially set the slowest speed, as well as ‘tick’ the “Loop animation” buttom. Then, you need to press the ‘repeat’ bottom in tour controller, and then press the ‘play’ button following on. Finally, you will see a 30 seconds lap of journey by surrounding the world. During the period, you may see the Tahina like a spaceship in a fast speed. Sometimes you can also press the ‘pause’ bottom to wait for the space ship showing up.

If you like my works, you are advised to surf the ‘Google Earth Blog’, and the ‘The Tahina Expedition’ website on a regular basis. You will see so many application of Google Earth projects worldwide, and find how Frank Taylor’s dream becomes true. Also, you may concern about our Earth as well. Let us some other time follow Frank’s step to plan another five-year global tour.

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