Roam around the Hengchun Ancient City

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Hengchun Ancient City had been constructed in since 1875. During one hundred and thirty years, it experienced several historical tests, such as typhoons, wars, earthquakes, metropolis plan, artificial destruction and improper maintenance etc. At present, due to its original construction and the better scale of Ancient City, Hengchun Ancient City is designated by Ministry of The Interior as the second-class National Heritage Site.

Recently, Kenting National Park Headquarters authorized GAIAS GIS Consultant Co., Ltd. to develop and establish “Kenting national park Geo-layer demonstrative system”. In this project, the 3D model of Hengchun Ancient City, Dajiansh Mountain, tourist center and Eluanbi Lighthouse all have been accomplished completely. If you are interested in, please go to its official website and download whatever you need. Additionally, there is a webpage which is especially manufactured to compare the presence and the past of Hengchun Ancient City, with a song “the thought gets up” singing by Zheng Yi. This webpage introduces the historical construction, gate structure and the comparison between the remains and new street blocks of Hengchun Ancient City and the comparison of 3D models between the presence and the past could be downloaded and saved as KMZ files. Therefore, I would like to combine this material and the crystal ball of street scenes which were shot when I was walking on the Ancient City to roam around the whole Hengchun Ancient City.

I make use of Space Navigation to record a three-mins flying view around the Ancient City. Besides the model of Ancient City, I also employ ancient streets, temples, Hedong hill in landmark layers and put above them. When you operating, please click the button “fly to Hengchun” in advance, the screen will bring you from outer space to Hengchun Ancient City. The following step is to click “flyover Ancient City” the screen will present that from southern door to entrance looking around the whole inner city firstly and then fly to eastern door take a look at special roof with single eaves and double swallowtail, again, from northern door pass through the city. I furnish a crystal ball within the hole. Through this ball you will feel the experience of travelling through time, back to the old days. Walking out the door, Mt. Hu-Tou will come into your sight and then Looking around the Geomancy Geography, the four spirits Cerulean Dragon, Red Phoenix, White Tiger and Basaltic and the barrier of northwest gap Gueishan and lastly turn to the western door, fly into the building, pass through the window and go back to the Ancient City.

Finally, I design a roaming path; please click play to start this unforgettable trip. This trip will start from northern door, enter in Ancient City, go upstairs floor and then follow the eastern door to begin roaming…..

<This post was translated to English by Joyce Chang>

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