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Google Earth Blog on 2010/3/18 describes a 3D city titled the “Remarkable 3D models in Spain“. I could not help to have a curious peek, and wow! What a amazing place! In accordance with a Chinese Geomancy Geography statement, it’s a place “left of the green dragon, right of the white tiger, and in the middle with a pearl in the dragon’s mouth”.

I think “San Sebastian” is an excellent 3D city. In addition to the completely 3d models of buildings that have been built, Google Earth’s terrain is excellent, even the sea reefs are very lifelike. It is such a great platform that I decided to make this “San Sebastian GE 3d tour”.

There is a castle located on Hill Urgull, and a fishing village located at the foot of the hill. I planned a route, from the starting small fishing port, through the old town area, bypassing the beach, and then along the hiking trails, directly across to the Castle.

Along the path, I placed 303 transparent pantos. I used my self-designed street view navigation method, and designed a navigation controller. This includes the automatic play button with acceleration and deceleration functions, and you can move to a 360-degree field of vision on screen anytime.

Such a wonderful place! I decided to place more super-observations on spectacular places, including the two hills, islands, fishing ports, beaches, yachts, as well as the Imperial Palace. They are 360 degree panorama with high High-magnification binoculars.

Finally, I made a 4D Gondola. I placed 3 stations on Hill Urgull, Hill Igueldo, and the St.Clara island, and placed 60 cars between the three places. When you open the “Gondola” layer, you will find the time line controller. Before pressing ‘play’ its best to initially set the appropriate speed, as well as press the “Loop animation” button.

This fictional cable car can be used as a landscape analysis of the simulation. Different people have different views, so if some may think that to set up a virtual cable car at this site is too earth-shattering, then do not open the Gondola Layer. It is the viewer’s decision whether to experience this amazing technological advancement, but to chose not to would be to miss the ride of a lifetime.

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