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This Summer my daughter is going to Disney World to visit her friend who is working there. I thought about GEB has introduced a “Disney World in 3D in Google Earth has Arrived!“. Looked so beautiful 3D models, including not only the rides and buildings , but also trees, statues, benches, posts, banners and more! really amazing! I said to myself, why not extend my technique on panorama and make a Pano Tour on Disney World.

The Disney World in Orlando, Florida includes the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Resorts. I chose the traditional Magic Kindom to designate as a tour route. During the simulation, the images brought back all the wonderful memories of our family’s first visit to the USA. We spent a few months traveling from place to place. As I remember,we spent 5 days in Tampa, staying at a friend’s place. Back then my daughter was 5 years old. Every morning we took off, driving one and half hour to be sure to get a good spot. We spent the whole day stayed there until the fireworks went off around Lake EPCOT then drove back to Tampa around midnight. We kept this schedule for 3 continuous days and finally took a break for a day, came back the next and then got bored of the whole thing entirely.

There are 5 Disney World locations in the world. The first is in California, then in Florida, Japan, Hong Kong, and Paris. In Google Earth, in addition to refined 3D models of Orlando, Disneyland Paris is also the same refined 3D model, Tokyo Disneyland was the gray plain of the model, I place these five Disney made a placemark kml File, those who are interested, please download here.

<This post was translated to English by Chiuwen Ray>

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