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“Born to Run” is a book of a hidden tribe, super athletes, and the greatest race the world has never seen. The author, Christopher McDougall, gave an incredible detail basis on science to show us that everything we thought we knew about running is wrong. However, a book about the greatest race the world has never seen without a map to provide a clue is pity. After I read few chapters, it’s hard for me to picture the route by words. Therefore, I decide to create a map based on the story and link it with Google Earth. From this virtual Earth to simulate the route and follow the story, I can finally relate to the story as if I’m watching the race; a live event right in front of me. It has become such a joy to follow the story.

Since the book did not provide any kind of map. I would like to share this Marathon route simulation with all of you. So, please take my virtual earth to lead you to the plot.

According to the author’s description of the traveling route from US to Copper Canyon. I made a virtual fly over the Copper canyon. According to the book and Brooke Kantor’s gps route, I am able to simulate the 47 mile Ultramarathon route/scene from Caballoblanco’s official site. At last, I put everything together in an virtual fly over, you’ll be able to see the best runner, Arnulfo Quimare pushing his body to the limit running in the canyon. In addition, Ron_osborn’s Cooper Loop has been a big help on getting familiar with the Copper Canyon. I will set up a link as well.

The Cooper canyon is a group of canyons consisting of 6 distinct canyons in the Sierra Tarahumara in the southwestern part of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. The overall canyon system is larger and portions are deeper than the Grand Canyon in the neighboring United States. The canyons were formed by six rivers which drain the western side of the Sierra Tarahumara. All six rivers merge into the Rio Fuerte and empty into the Sea of Cortez. The walls of the canyon are a copper/green color which is where the name originates. With the simulation of sea of the cloud at various height in order to give you a feel of the grand scale of the canyon . I hope that you will enjoy the journey as I do.

At last, I selected 9 observation points along the route to provide a 360 degree telescope of the individual scenic. You may click the red dot from the map to get into the detail view.

Note: there’s seems to be a problem/bug while I’m working on Google Earth API and it won’t work until Google Earth fix it.

<This post was translated to English by Chiuwen Ray>

[GEB reports] Running the Copper Canyon UltraMarathon

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