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The 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition will be held from November 6th, 2010 to April 25th, 2011. This is the first time the event will be held in Taiwan. Taipei is the seventh city in Asia to host such a gardening expo, and this is a chance for Taiwan to show the world its commitment to outstanding gardening and the achievements it has made in the biotechnology sector.

For the upcoming exhibition, the entire area becomes very different, especially looking down from the air. Polin Chi, a professional aerial photographer, took some pictures from a helicopter between the gap of flies of airplane from Songshan Airport. (exhibition is just located below the Taipei Songshan Airport aircraft movements, and the movements are quite frequently).I use eight photos to display in Google Earth, and by my previous designed PhotoOverlay player, you can discover the beauty of the TAIPEI INT’L FLORA EXPO.

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