Trip View Bowl in Google Earth

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Trip View Bowl compresses the view of a specific Taiwanese landscape in a 12cm-in-diameter blue and white porcelain bowl. The three-dimensional panorama map is amazingly painted inside the bowl. Rotating the bowl will virtually take you into the sky looking down at this landscape. All famous sights and stores are also labeled in this interesting and practical souvenir so tourists could take all wonderful memories of the tour home.

Trip View Bowl displays a kind of delicacy unreachable by printed patterns or hand-drawing. You’d absolutely agree it is a piece of delicate work of art, if and even if observing it with a magnifying glass! This artwork also represents 100% Taiwan-made identity, from its creativity to the firing process, and from the bowl itself to its packaging.

I first learn about “Trip View Bowl” is from the web; it’s such a wonderful experience, fantastic piece of art. What a breath taking! Last month, a friend of mine gave me a “Trip View Bowl”. I can finally take a close good look at it; to play with it. At the same time, it stimulate my thought of creating a similar “Trip View Bowl” concept into Google Earth. The fish eye image of “Trip View Bowl” is actually half of earth surface. It can be transformed into a half crystal ball. It can be viewed by PhotoOverlay in Google Earth. I was just doing an experiment, however, it’s getting more and more interesting. I couldn’t stop and had finished “Trip View Bowl” in eight locations(points or perspectives).

Next, I wondered why not create a “Trip View Bowl” as well? Therefore, I made a bowl model with SketchUp. I did a diameter of 1000 meter to magnify 8000 times of “Trip View Bowl” and put it 300 meters above see level. I then added a tour to view the outside of the Bowl. Finally, I put all the pieces together, it’s becoming my final exhibition. I hope that you’ll enjoy as I do.

<This post was translated to English by Chiuwen Ray>

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