Landscape simulation of campus planning in Google Earth

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Recently,the issue of the construction of National Taiwan University Liberal Building was in endless controversy. The opponents pointed out that not only the new planning body of the Liberal Building is too high which will damage to the appearance of the gate; but also the unexpected appearance design does not match with both of the history and culture of the National Taiwan University. The University exclaimed that they had conducted more than 12 meetings to carefully negotiated “the amount of body design”, “architectural design” and addressed other issues. There are more than 20 seminars and several public hearings had been held for the students to express their views. Many aspects were in compliance with procedures. It was suggested to launch the petition on the website in order to demonstrate the synthesis of the error, The picture 1:presented by the opponets;misleading the public by building a substantial position closer towards the main gate which will result in intense pressure. The picture 2: present by Architect shown the correct design.

picture 1
Picture 1 (made by the opponents)
picture 2
Picture 2 (made by Architect)

After compared these two pictures, I thought the argument is inconsistent with the visual reality reference (may be accidental or intentional). Therefore, I decided to use Google Earth to create a virtual platform. I first made several 3d models, included the main gate , Royal palm Road, Liberal Building , agricultural museum, and near the NTU History Museum, No 1 building, etc. Finally, I designed the Google Earth API webpage. Users can stand in different locations to get different view in the same paltform. It is more logical and accurate to demonstrate the overall campus landscape issues in Google Earth. And then do the following up discussions.

This landscape simulation webpage was originally in Chinese version. It has been attracted more than two thousand people just this month. Since then, the debate about the two different scenes has calmed down quite a lot.

I think Google Earth is really the best platform for landscape simulation. My other Google Earth application on “the construction of Danjian Bridge” is also available for reference.

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