A trip record by Google Earth

This story talks about a hiking trip. I use Google Earth to record the all day long trip.

At beginnig, there is a hiking plan. When you press “play” button, the tour start.
The first stage is gathering. Several partners gather to Taipei from different places in the morning.

The second stage is taking a bus to trailhead. I use a totoro cat bus which I asked my friend Tantunny made it. Your can see the totoro bus change larger, go through tunnel, rotate, go along the road.

The third stage is hiking to Songlo Lake. I use moving hikers icon , moving path, accompany with photos, and specially the sync altitude profile.

The last stage is departing. I use a movie trailers to display all contribute and four music.

Besides watching from youtube , you can also press this image below to take a trip in google earth.

<press above image to enter web page>

[GEB reports] Steven Ho creates an excellent tour of a recent mountaineering trip

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