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Taiwan Bluemagpie Tea is a brand that set by students and teacher of Institute of Building and Planning of National Taiwan University. Their team’s purpose is to help tea farmers living in Pinglin to sell their environmental-friendly tea without chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide.

They want to assist tea farmer through fair and reasonable price and making a lease, decreasing the risk of producing and selling for tea farmers.

Their goal is to make Pinglin to be a eco-village, clean the water in reservoir, ensure the livelihood of tea farmers, inherit their artistry of making tea, and form a new generation of tea in the final.

The Bluemagpie team find my innovative creation and application in Google Earth(for example: A trip record by Google Earth), so they request me make a tour in Google Earth for Taiwan Bluemagpie Tea. They will gather and prepare the materials.

As a member of Institute of Building and Planning of National Taiwan University, I promise straightway with merriment and determine to create it with all my strengths.

I discuss with the team for several times. The main story is to let the bluemagpie fly to Pinglin from Taipei city along Xindieng river and the bird will fly to visit tea farmers cooperating with Taiwan Bluemagpie Tea and their eco-friendly tea farm.

Hence the team give me a bluemagpie model, absolute position of each tea farmer, and some descriptions to me. When all the materials are collected, we go to next step – integrating in Google Earth.

As for me, it is simple techniques that set absolute positions of tea farmers, transfer words to transparent moving pictures and make the bird fly along the line in the sky.

But quite challenges are how to control the perspective like the scene in movies. If you just make the bird always be the same position in the screen, your creation is inferior.

You have to make it appear or disappear sometimes, but one is certain that the scene have to be around the bird in different perspectives.

Besides, if you make the bluemagpie appear with original size about 2 feet wide, you hardly see the bluemagpie in Google Earth. So I enlarge it to two hundreds times, it finally comes to be a rather easier to control the perspective.

This is a time consuming work to adjust the perspective, but I finally accomplish it! Share with everyone!

[GEB reports] Flying around with Blue Magpie Tea in Taiwan

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