2015 Trans Taiwan Ultra-Marathon Google Earth Tour

This race is the third segment of the “Taiwan Ultra Marathon θ Project”, also called Dual Lighthouse Race.
Start from Fugui Cape Lighthouse, located in the northern tip of Taiwan to Eluanbi Lighthouse, located in the southern tip of Taiwan.
Race Date: March 28th, 2015 – April 4th 2015
Start time: Am 6:00 Taiwan local time
Total length: 558 Km

As a Google Earth super-player, I would like to show the race in Google Earth. I used the same technique as “Run Taiwan 1100Km in 14 days in Google Earth” that I made two years ago. The works include eight days Google Earth tour and instant runner position, more specifically, this position is taken from real-runners cell phone GPS. So you can see the instant race report just during the race time.

<press below image to enter web page>

For those who prefer their own operations into the Google Earth, I have prepared a kmz file, please download this KMZ.

[GEB reports] Google Earth plugin showcase: Trans Taiwan Ultra-Marathon

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  1. Xiuli says:

    Hi Steven, May I have the 2013 Tour De Taiwan 1100km Ultra marathon Google Earth Flyover Tour same as above? Thank you

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