24hrs Time Lapse Panorama in Google Earth

Not long ago, one of my friends,YeDing Wang, took a scenery photo, which he took from his living room in the early morning around 4:00. This picture really touched me, I could not help to overlay the picture on Google Earth, and made this GE tour kmz , you can see it in Youtube.

In this creation process , I operated the stars rotate in Google Earth once again , I can not forget the super shock of looking the star-filled sky when I was lying on Dongsha airport runway in summer 2011. That inspired me to figure out watching the star-filled sky in Taipei, and then I want to see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, and then I make the panorama view, new ideas continue to emerge, Finally, I conbine the time and the panoramo, to make this “Taipei Time Lapse Panorama “.

Happy yourself is no more than happy everyone! I would like to share this tool at any location you choose. I think of GEB recently designed a small program in the article available to everyone to use, such as “create fireworks“, I would also like to take the opportunity to learn Timothy’s special Javascript code, efforts for a while, and later I found there is no sunrise or sunset functions in Javascript , so in the end I still have to go back to coding with PHP that I am more familiar.

You simply enter the decimal latitude, longitude, and altitude, and press “create” button. This program will base on the location and get the sunrise and sunset time of this day to create an one-minute “time-lapse panorama tour” kml file. In the downloaded KML, you can just play the tour to see the time-lapse panorama tour. But before play, You can use “photorealistic atmosphere rendering“. For the low altitude resolution in Google Earth, You have to enter a minimum of 10 meters. In addition, in the polar regions, it’s out of control when surrounding, so it does not allow more than 85 degrees up.

Just enter the x, y, z three data to generate a time-lapse panorama KML files, which reminds me I previously made “Observatory” in 2007 and “Sight generator” in 2010, both can operate directly in Google Earth. The x, y, z three parameters can be get directly in Google Earth, so I recode the program as ” time-lapse panorama generator“. You can download it and operate in Google Earth.

At first, you have to select the target, move the target in center, and set altitude based the number of eye alt on the lower right corner, and then press “Create time-lapse panorama” Network link, or right-click the “Refresh”, it will create a “Day_and_night@…” tour, close the center icon before play, and then double click the tour, you can watch this one minute tour. You can also rename the tour, and then save as new file.

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