Trip View Bowl in New Google Earth

Since 2009 early, I found a method to create Street View images without a tripod, I have made more than six thousand panos(homemade Street view) aroud taiwan.

At beginning, I put those panos in Google Earth. In Google Earth then, those panos just like crystal balls, go inside to browse, or double click the nearby camera icon to slide into another pano. This is the earliest way to view street view. This one is my works of this period.

By the end of 2011, Google Street View changed the way from using the crystal ball browsing method switch to Google Map Street View method, which means that those homemade street views in Google Earth can only use PhotoOverlay function, every pano is independent, can not be linked to each other, that is, the days of homemade street view in Google Earth is over.

Almost the same time, Google supported the Google Earth Plug-in, I used the JavaScript API to browse the panos, but until the end of 2014, Google Earth API /plugin finally coming to an end.

In October 2013, I found Google Maps released Google Maps JavaScript API v3, my bunch of homemade panos finally can see the light again. I use this way to show so far, such as this one,or this one.

Earlier this year, Google integrated Street View, launched a Street View project. My stack of panos can finally be stored on Google Map, I started uploading these panos from the beginning of June. I have uploaded more than 880 panos a month, and you can see them directly from these places: Donsha Island , Meishan Park, Taichung University of science and technology, Taipei University of Technology, Walking on the wall of ancient Hengchun.

In this process, I found that there are 8 Trip View Bowl map in my disk, this picture is like a half ball, I have been made these bowl models by these picture, and let it live on the google earth, suddenly, I decided to change these graphics to 2:1 panorama type and upload it to Google Street view. Things went well, but on Google Map it was just a blue dot and they were hard to see. Then I think of just a few days ago to see NEW Google Earth Voyager Tours – “Celebrating Harry Potter“, with the same way, I based on this KML file, all the Harry Potter material are changed by Trip View Bowl material. Here is the KML file, Take a try!

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