4D Maokong Gondola Revival!

I have ever created a model of a cable system called the Maokong Gondola in 2007. I not only modeled the Maokong Gondola GE File, but also created a time animation showing it in use. GEB had been reported this event.

It’s more than nine years, although the Mokong Gondola has been operating very stable, but with the evolution of Google Earth’s features, my work can not work any more. All you can see just left leaning barren, some still buried in the ground. I had thought to use the “Tour” funtion to create a new work. In previous years I have no idea, until the end of last year, I made a “Ascending Mt Xue Tour“, which is six routes while moving, the Maokong Gondola has 147 cable cars, the moving logic is the same.

It’s a big project, because all the models: stations, poles, cabins have to be created, especially difficult it is that I have to manually fine-tune the position of the cable to fit with track pillars, and it took a lot of time, when the hardware is ready, the next step is to write the program to generate “Tour” kml, to let all cabins to move along the track synchronously.

Finally, I have to plan a flight route to navigate through the cable system. This tour starts from above Taipei fly to ground, In addition, because the current Google Earth satellite imagery is photoed in 2006, at the same time the cable system were just under construction, all the material of the models I made are taken from the current imagery (2016), so it is necessary to use current imagery to let the models dissolved in background, but when you looked down at high altitude, you will see the ground covered by different periods imagery at different place, it is inappropriate, so at begining, I use the current google earth imagery, and when flying to the ground the imagery are switched to the current imagery.

At the end of the flight, I would view Taipei 101 as background, zoom in, and then moved to the position of the sunset, then it have to use the sun mode.

In addition you can watch the youtube above, you can download this KMZ file, and operate in Google Earth.

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Kumamoto Castle Street View Tour


Kumamoto Castle (熊本城 Kumamoto-jō) is a hilltop Japanese castle located in Chūō-ku, Kumamoto in Kumamoto Prefecture. It was a large and extremely well fortified castle. The castle tower (天守閣 tenshukaku) is a concrete reconstruction built in 1960, but several ancillary wooden buildings remain of the original castle. Kumamoto Castle is considered one of the three premier castles in Japan, along with Himeji Castle and Matsumoto Castle. Thirteen structures in the castle complex are designated Important Cultural Property.

Kumamoto county occurred the Richter scale 7.3 earthquake in April 16, 2016, Kumamoto city hit severely, “it may take more than 10 years to repair Kumamoto Castle”, when the media constantly reports, I use Google Earth as usual to know Kumamoto castle, I found Kumamoto city is a 3D city in Google Earth, and the “Kumamoto castle” is even more spectacular! Especially Google Street View has almost be covereged, and there are five indoor street view. this let me rising an idea to create a street view virtual tour in Google Earth, especially when I recently developed a “Street View Tour generator“. It is a great tool, and I can use kumamoto castle as a real case, but also greatly modify the generator.
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Google Earth Street View Tour Generator

Google Taiwan announced in March this year (2016) , they finished the most tough task to extent street view coverage to Yushan – the highest mountain(altitude 3952 meter) in Taiwan. As long as you move your finger, follow the arrow on ground to forward, backward, or move the rotary motion picture, etc. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of Yushan, but most likely you’ll slide lost in wild, so I should like to make further automated street view tour for the entire route . Now it seems, Google Earth’s Tour feature is an excellent platform for navigation, Yes! it is possible to record directly with the Tour in Google Earth, but the process is quite difficult, and very prone to failure, so it had to use another way that you can edit to record the street view couse, I call it “street view route”. I spent a lot of effort to edit a street view route from Paiyun Lodge to Peak. Then through the “Street View Tour Generator”, convert to “Google Earth Street View Tour”. Above youtube is the final outcome.

This article is to share this “StreetView Tour Generator”, although Google Earth is very easy to use, but to make this “Street View Tour” still have to take the time and patience, those who are interested, please read on it…
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Celebrate Chinese Spring Festival in Google Earth

Inspired by the GEB fireworks generator, I tried it with Taipei 101 (Latitude:25.033903,Longitude:121.564510), and I got this result.
This seems good, but maybe those fireworks’ altitudes are too low . In addition, with the fixed view angle, some fireworks was blocked. So I decided to write a program to raise up the altitudes of all placemarks in the KML file by +500 meters, and I wrote another program to make an orbit around Taipei 101, and mixed with the original kml tour. This kmz file is my work, as reference to everyone.

With this view surrounding method, How to show something in this cylindrical space surrounded area? Various possibilities sprout in my mind. Followed by the Chinese spring festival just around the corner, I had the idea! I thought I could make numerous couplets fall down from heaven, I collected more than 100 couplets as icon database, Accompanied with the “happy lunar year” music, I made the “couplets generator”.

You can play the tour in the downloaded KML to see the couplets. Or, you can download the kmz file and get the location directly in Google Earth.

Now that I can fall down the couplets, I think the Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival, there are thousands of sky lanterns floating in the sky, compared with the former, they are different direction, So I have to modify the program and get two sky lantern icons, and set the timestamp, andaccompanied with another “happy chinese festival” music and make the “sky lanterns generator”.

Also You can play the tour in the downloaded KML to see the sky lanterns fly up. Or, you can download the kmz file and get the location directly in Google Earth.

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24hrs Time Lapse Panorama in Google Earth

Not long ago, one of my friends,YeDing Wang, took a scenery photo, which he took from his living room in the early morning around 4:00. This picture really touched me, I could not help to overlay the picture on Google Earth, and made this GE tour kmz , you can see it in Youtube.

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Gathering and Spread in Google Earth

There is an exhibition entitled “Locus and Focus︰60th Anniversary Exhibition of NCKU Mountaineering Association”

NCKU Mountaineering Association has the longest history among its peers in the field of mountaineering in national universities in Taiwan. To celebrate her sixtieth anniversary, we use the photos of the magnificent natural landscape, mountain gear, outfits, related publications, and outdoor activities to demonstrate the Association’s development and evolution over the past sixty years.

These objects are milestones, marking the details of the days filled with amazing adventures. The glorious experience is a series of stories telling the changes and growth of the teenagers spending their time in the mountains. We are looking forward to letting people know the development of mountaineering in Taiwan, recalling the alumni’s unforgettable memories, and encouraging our Association members at the same time.

This exhibition has nine themes, which has a theme called “Esprit de corps – Joint forces” show by video as below.

Joint-force connotes an appointment held in a mountain, hikers coming from various trails gathering at a specific summit and time. Safely arrival a remote summit inside craggy sierra in time is an ambitious attempt, as barriers, obstacles, fickle weather, and unexpected situations alongside the rugged trails challenge relentlessly. NCKUMA has been accomplished 25 times joint forces. i.e. consummated 25 appointments in the past decades. The excited experience of accomplishing a joint-force always cast an unfading memory to all the participants. We would like to share our delighted and touched experiences of 3 joint forces held at Mt. Xue by following photos and records.

In this video, the Mt. Xue joint-forces animation fragment(0:01:00 ~ 0:01:30) is made by image editing software. They rendered the animation base on a Google Earth picture. Which is a great presentation! But also a little stimulation to me. I have made hundreds of animations in Google Earth Tours, Regardless of any object, such as the marathon route, or hiking path, or runners icon, chinchillas bus, Blue Magpie bird, or even helicopters, all can move in Google Earth, but these are all moving single direction, “joint-forces” is a few routes moving in the same time. I have not seen such an application in Google Earth. It’s a challenge for me, but after doubled efforts, I finally done it!

Here is the Google Earth animation youtube as below. Sure! you can download this KMZ file, and operate in Google Earth.

Now that the technology of multi-paths gathering has developed. There are 6 main ridges in Mt. Xue range, I have an idea on the opposite direction to spread the 6 main ridges from the Mt. Xue main peak. By the way, It’s a dynamic display also contain educational significance. Here is the Google Earth animation youtube as below. You can also download this KMZ file.

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